Growing Up Game Plan

Help a child choose friends that treat them with respect.



Who is Growing Up Game Plan (GUGP) for? Growing Up Game Plan is a 6-week online masterclass for preteens.

What if my child is 8 or 13. Can they participate? We created the program with 9-12 year olds in mind, but it’s just as valuable for kids a bit younger or a bit older than that. Every preteen’s journey is different, and it’s never too early or too late to get great information and learn valuable skills. You know your child best, so use your judgement.

Where will GUGP be hosted? GUGP is hosted online through our learning platform and can be accessed easily at home or in class.

Do I need to buy any technology to participate? No.

When will the first module be delivered? The introductory module will be delivered on Monday, March 1, with the 6 core modules and closing module being delivered every Friday after that.

What if I buy the course and my preteen refuses to do it? Well, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be into it, but we do have a pretty awesome track record. Here’s what preteens had to say when we gave them a sneak peek of some of the modules:

I think your morning news was really educational and my friends would really like it too. My favourite thing was the name of the news P.U.B.E TV and the idea of it was really hilarious. I think you make it so funny which makes it better for kids or it would be so awkward. I really hope my friends get to watch Growing Up Game Plan. Thank you Saleema! Grade 4 student, BC, Canada

I like the Internet Safety section especially because it’s up my alley. I do think people my age will find this one fun and enjoyable. It is well done, it teaches kids that posting something embarrassing or mean to someone else isn’t very nice and that’s a good skill to learn later on. Grade 7 student, BC, Canada 

What’s your refund policy? We aren’t offering refunds, but access to GUGP is for an entire year so parents can encourage their preteen to participate at a later time. Plus, there is no limit to how many preteens in one family can participate so siblings can benefit from the program too. At the very least, the videos, workbook and curated resources are well worth the cost of the program in that parents can use these themselves to facilitate meaningful conversations with their preteen.

Should I talk to my preteen before purchasing the course? How can I show them what it’s about? Absolutely, and the best way to do this is by sharing this promo video with them.

How does GUGP work? The thought is that participants will work through the modules over a 6-week period, but they can work at their own pace because it’s theirs for an entire year. Teachers may wish to use the program to satisfy curriculum requirements.

Can we register any time? GUGP will have a “class” open for registration every few months and will not be accepting registration on a rolling basis. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we open a new class.

Can I walk through the content with my preteen? Yes, as long as you have their consent. GUGP is a program created for preteens themselves and who they involve is completely up to them. If a preteen wants privacy during this experience, that’s just fine. Don’t worry, parents will receive their own package so you won’t be left in the dark!