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iGirl Empowerment WorkshopsiGirl. A place where modern girls can learn the ropes. Move over, Elsa, Anna and My Little Pony, it’s time for Sexting, Snapchat, low tops and high skirts. Parents, take a minute here and catch your breath. Ready? Good. iGirl is a straight-to-the-point, lighthearted, two- or three-day workshop that prepares 9-11 year old students who identify as girls* for the multimedia pressure-cooker they’ll soon encounter. Knowledge is power and this workshop, created by Saleema Noon B.A. M.A., will give your daughter the power to make smart decisions and to successfully navigate the changes galloping into her modern life. In a style that’s relevant to preteens, Saleema and her team take the role of big sister, tackling topics like what to expect from puberty, safety on the internet, understanding what makes a healthy body image, and how to be assertive in even the toughest situations.


i am my own BFF
Celebrate your strengths and feel great about your unique self.

i think my body’s a beauty
Bodies in the media are make-believe. We’ll help you see how all of us are gorgeous in our own way.

i know the facts of life
Learn the real deal about puberty and brush up on your body science.

i get the ‘net
Instagram, selfies and safety online … we’ve got you covered.

i have healthy relationships
Friends, family, and [sigh] dating someday — let’s make sure you know what you want and deserve.

i am the best i can be
Get the low-down on what you need to do to reach your personal best, both now and when you’re 90.

i expect respect
Deal with friendship challenges, bullying and peer pressure in a way that works using — you guessed it — “i“ statements.

For more information, contact Saleema, saleema@staging2.saleemanoon.com.

*Non-binary and gender creative students are also welcome. Please consult with facilitator prior to workshop.


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